Lombardia Properties is an Industry Leader in Turn-key Income Properties and Strategic Fix & Flip Investment Opportunities. The company offers turn-key income properties and has a comprehensive platform for the acquisition, renovation and professional management of single-family assets for investors who are interested in passive real estate investment.  Because many investor-owners do not live in the same city as their investment property, it becomes more important for such investors to find a partner to operate and manage the properties on their behalf.

For those investors who have capital and want to invest in single-family properties but lack the experience of identifying, renovating and managing an income property, our business model helps investors manage risks while delivering consistent cash flow and preserving their capital.  

Lombardia Properties is Headquarters in Dallas, Texas market and works closely with individual and institutional investors seeking single income producing assets or entire portfolios.  Lombardia's Fix, Flip and Profit Platform traces its' roots back to 1999 and has consistently delivered superior risk adjusted returns while preserving capital.    

For Institutional Partners, we provide a turn-key platform of Income Properties or Strategic Fix, Flip and Profit opportunities designed to add value to their operational and financial models and ultimately their ROI.

The Lombardia partners bring a proven track-record where they have successfully weathered numerous market cycles and challenging economic conditions by utilizing a prudent investment strategy that is highlighted by a conservative, disciplined investment process and a rigorous approach to business.  It is because of our experience and successful track-record dating back to 1999 and these outstanding individuals that Lombardia Properties has risen to become an industry leader within real estate market.

Our hands-on knowledge, experience and our commitment to clients and partners and a clear are what makes working with Lombardia Properties so rewarding. Please contact us with any additional questions you have about investing in income producing properties or strategic fix flip and profit opportunities.

Capabilities & Capital Sourcing
We advise on assets on behalf of qualified and institutional investors and the partners have successfully placed over 75 public and private investment offerings and completed over 1000 acquisitions and divestitures in the United States and Asia- Pacific.  The partners have extensive experience in both domestic and international capital markets – having raised in excess of USD $1 Billion in direct equity investments.  With extensive access to capital sources, Lombardia provides a proven platform for executing real-world acquisition and value-add management strategies.

Investment Philosophy
At Lombardia, we follow a simple Investment Philosophy that begins with the fundamental belief that the best way to create income and manage wealth is through strategic investments in Real Estate assets. Real Estate assets provide us with the unique ability to generate income, proactively drive returns, regardless of market conditions, through hands-on active management and aggressive repositioning.  This ability to proactively drive returns is probably the greatest benefit and key differentiator between real estate and other asset classes.

Acquisitions and Preservation of Capital
Lombardia’s primary objectives with any acquisitions are to preserve and protect capital, generate current income and reposition the asset for income growth and capital appreciation. Our acquisition criteria concentrates on investment grade assets throughout major cities across Texas. We focus on opportunistic acquisitions where we can create value with assets that are mispriced, underperforming and/or undermanaged.

Renovation & Repositioning Specialist
Lombardia bring a very hands-on proactive approach to repositioning and renovation strategies.  These strategies are utilized to drive income and property values and ultimately maximize the Return On Investment.

For more information about Lombardia’s single-family rental services, please contact us at: Lombardia Properties, 2633 McKinney Ave., #130-222, Dallas, TX, 75204, Tel.: +1.888.777.7097