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At the Cusp of Exponential Growth

Will Graphene and Graphite take over from Plastic and Oil?  Both Markets set to grow by 10% per year

Telsa is building a huge factory that will consume 120,000 tonnes of Flake Graphite.

See-Thru Equity has a 19 cent target on Lomiko, more than a 300% increase to close today.

Lomiko aims to develop a resource of graphite for these markets.

Lomiko Invests in Graphene Technology plays - Owns 4.4 M shares of Graphene 3D Lab trading at .75

Lomiko is actively exploring high purity flake graphite properties in Quebec for the Lithium-ion Battery Market.

Lomiko owns 10.4% of Graphene 3D Lab, a company that just started selling graphene 3D printing products on the market

Lomiko is helping to fund research at Stony Brook University on high denisty storage, graphene super-capacitor technology

Lomiko Technology is starting to manufacture, market and distribute LED and USB power and charging systems for the multi-billion dollar lighting and re-charging device field.

The Lomiko Story

Lomiko entered the graphite exploration business in 2012 with its Quartre Milles graphite property in the Province of Quebec.  

“Graphite is a key element in the new green economy.” explained Paul Gill, Lomiko President and CEO, “High purity, large flake graphite is vital to the production of the lithium-ion batteries which run everything from your smart phone to electric cars. Demand increases every year and we wanted to position the company to take advantage of that demand.”

Lomiko used the expertise it developed at Quatre Milles to evaluate and invest in two other Quebec graphite properties: La Loutre and Lac des Iles. “These properties show the same characteristics of high purity, large flake graphite near the surface that we look for at Quatre Miles. Just having a graphite deposit is not enough, it has to be commercially feasible to mine that deposit.”  

Along the way Lomiko began to look at other uses for graphite and began a relationship with Graphene Labs, one of the few companies on Earth which expertise on manufacturing and selling graphene.

“If you are interested in graphite you very quickly become interested in graphene. Graphene is in its infancy but already there are over 12,000 patents for graphene applications and two scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in the field.”

“But for all the excitement in the research labs, actual graphene based products are only now coming to market. Graphene-based tennis racquets, graphene light bulbs and graphene 3D printing filament are the first products. We wanted to be involved in the commercialization of new graphene products.”

Lomiko’s first foray in to the graphene world was an investment in Graphene 3D Lab.

"If you add graphene to a polymer - in just the right way - you can create 3D printing filament. Graphene 3D Lab has found that way and it is the first company to bring graphene impregnated 3D printing filament to market. Lomiko owns 10.43% of the shares in Graphene 3D Lab."
Interview with David Morgan

Lomiko also is part of a group which is working on graphene batteries called supercapacitors. "Graphene has extraordinary electrical properties. Using it in supercapacitors allows quick charging and significant power density - much better than conventional batteries. Here again, Lomiko is looking for a commercialization solution.  

Getting a supercapacitor to work on the bench is only a first step;
the real goal is to provide a graphene super capacitor solution
which can be used off the shelf in the thousands of applications capacitors have."

In business, one thing leads to another, and Lomiko's interest in battery and graphene technology led it to sign a licensing agreement in the power converter business. "Power conversion in lighting and charging is a multi-billion dollar business that is almost invisible; but every time you turn on a light or recharge your smart phone you are using power conversion."

In a difficult market for Canadian junior mining explorers, Lomiko has maintained its focus on graphite discovery while transforming its business. “We are really a hybrid company.” said Gill, “We know there is a future demand for graphite and we are working towards meeting that demand.

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