We are thrilled to launch the MonaVie opportunity in Europe much earlier than planned with the official opening of the United Kingdom and Poland next week!

What are the benefits of owning your own business?

Work from home
Work with friends
Be your own boss
Make your own hours
Tax write-offs (car expenses, portion of your mortgage, etc)

What has stopped you?

Start-up costs
Legal fees

Have you ever considered network marketing?

DON’T stop reading here!

I had the same negative perception:

A basement full of products
Pyramid schemes
Annoying friends and family
Big investments to start
Only a few ever get paid

Here’s something to consider:

The results of the 2008 ASHE show that median weekly pay for full-time employees in the UK grew by 4.6 per cent in the year to April 2008 to reach £479. Median earnings of full-time male employees was £521 per week in April 2008; for women the median was £412.

Median full-time weekly earnings in London were £613, significantly higher than in other regions, where they ranged from £418 in Northern Ireland to £500 in the South East.

Would an extra £5,000-£10,000 a year make a difference in your household? I’m going to guess your answer! People are making this on a part-time basis!

I finally found the right one!

No sign-up fee
A product everyone needs
Excellent management
Proven training system
Outstanding compensation plan (even for those working 10-12 hours a week)

The CEO of the company has recently been named the Entrepreneur Of The Year® by Ernst & Young in the distribution and manufacturing category. Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award is the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. The program celebrates those who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses.

The September issue of Inc magazine recognized our company as No. 1 in our category of Food & Beverage, No. 3 in total revenue during 2008, and No. 18 overall and we’re just getting started.

This is absolutely the best opportunity in direct selling you could ever imagine!

I’m looking for people who are motivated to make a positive difference in their lives and others! Did I mention that we also have a fantastic cause?

Success from home is possible, but I believe you have just stumbled on an ad that can put you into the group of 3% of the people that HAVE what 97% of the people want and will never have. The fact is, it really is pretty simple to have both health and make money at the same time, but it takes the right Product, Timing, Compensation and knowledge to do it, and most people just don't have it or see it.

What are you waiting for?

The London launch is coming soon! Get in at the beginning and take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime!

Canada (604) 716-3846

+ I have to have a team in London, it will give me the motivation to finally visit your wonderful city!