Londons Times Cartoons & Funny Gifts was founded by Rick London in an abandoned tin shed outside of Hattiesburg, MS in 1997. Since January 2005 it has been Google's #1 ranked and since 2008, Bing's #1.  It remains #1 on the Internet.  London also has shops with funny gifts and tees bearing his images such as http://RickLondonGifts.com, http://RickLondonWear.com, http://Printfection.com/fame and numerous others.  His main cartoon site which has received nearly 9 million hits is at http://LTCartoons.com.  He and his wife, popular nature/wildlife photographer Lee Hiller-London live in the Ouachita Mts of Arkansas where they spend a great deal of time hiking in the Ouachita Mountains.  She runs the popular blog http://HikeOurPlanet.com. Both are happy vegans.