The Chinese Medicine Clinic is a board certified, fully-licensed acupuncture and Chinese Medicine center in downtown Longmont, Colorado.

We provide Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in a comfortable atmosphere at an affordable price. We have two private treatment rooms and a large community treatment room.

Prevention is our goal. And at The Chinese Medicine Clinic in Longmont we believe providing care, focused on you, is the way to achieve the relief and well-being you’ve been seeking.

We accomplish this by providing you with highly effective, yet natural, preventative health care solution, as well as treating chronic and acute health conditions. Methods include: acupuncture, community acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Medical Qigong, and Qigong and Tai Chi classes.

Our team of providers offer comprehensive care at truly affordable prices. It’s often at the cost of a co-payment you would normally pay at your doctor’s office.

Our friendly patient-centered, holistic care at an affordable price makes wellness truly attainable. We are your wellness partner to keep you healthy and happy throughout your life.