In an unpredictable and fast pace world, Loqu8 empowers users with the information they need to learn quickly, work efficiently and make timely decisions.

Our user-guided, on-demand learning model is the culmination of years of research at Stanford in cognitive science and information processing. By hovering the mouse over words, a popup window instantaneously displays “the right information @ the right time.” Instead of manually retrieving information, users experience augmented learning in real world contexts as they interact with email, websites and documents.

Information becomes immediately actionable as users apply this contextual knowledge in original applications in real-time—saving time and reducing errors and costs. When timely retrieval of information is critical, Loqu8’s iNtuition™ engine eliminates tedious steps--delivering quality information in about 100 milliseconds.

iNtuition is unlike other knowledge management technologies. By providing a powerful, self-discovery environment, Loqu8 helps individuals who are reluctant to tediously search for details. By merely hovering their mouse over words, they can immediately interact with a popup window that provides everything they need, including reference, language translation, speech and search capabilities. Suddenly users become learners. That's the power of Loqu8.

Loqu8 is a privately-held, augmented learning company with headquarters in Silicon Valley.