Come with Lori Jean on her HEALING JOURNEY from Abuse!! Lori Jean is the new act of Single Women Entrepreneurs who writes, sings, composes, and records her own original tracks from A SURVIVAL MODE for the love of a child! And it shows through her music at iTunes, Chunk of Love, - A Girl-Crazy Night Out, What Ever Happened to Little Lisa - Dedicated to her deceased unborn child and and Lisa Steinberg whom both died from child abuse, You Could See It' (Live) - Dedicated to Jaycee Dugard and her mom. Her album, Love Of A Child, is available now at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-of-a-child/id865584982. CD copies will be available at Amazon soon. Merchandise can be found at http://lori-jean.com, click star.
She survived a gunshot impact wound to her head, a broken back, and severed nerves over 2 ft along her backbone-all due to abuse. This opened the Pandora box which led her to write.
She is also working on Teens At Crossroads of America and Beyond to get every teen off the street so they do not have to feel alone as she had when she lost her unborn child due to abuse.