The trainer has found that more and more people are seeking training help for not only their current dogs, but for future dogs they plan to adopt.  Austin stated, "There are so many people out there with dogs that need help and have no idea where to begin.  The idea is amazing that there are so few trainers in the area, especially those who use science-based, positive training like we do to help keep families and their dogs together with just a bit of training."

After meeting a friend who was a dog trainer and sheer curiosity about training, Austin fell in love with the idea of helping the animals when no one else could.  "He has a knack with animals, can understand and communicate with them unlike anyone I've ever seen.  He took my once-aggressive dog and helped shape him into another loving member of the family," said Heather Bennett, a once-customer, now employee and advocate for K-9 Freekz Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue organization.

A dog trainer is just what this area of central Nebraska needs to help prevent those from giving up on a furry family member due to a behavior that can be modified by the trainers at Lost Creek Training Academy & Boarding school.


Austin Buerer
Owner/Lead Trainer
Lost Creek Training Academy & Boarding School
(308) 455-0235