Where you believe and invest in yourself and we reward you! We are advocates of personal growth, individual success and happiness regardless of race, religion, or gender.

About Us:

We are developing company, we help people help each other. We have worked hard and strive to build a company that all people can benefit from in a positive way. We offer all of our members the opportunity to make a little extra Moo-la, at the same time we are developing and offering resources for our Members but probably the most exciting program we offer is our Grants. Our goal is to empower people, all people, by making their dreams come true, so they can make a difference in their own way. Our main purpose to to promote humanity, prosperity, and success of each and every individual. Our focus is not the cause but the individual. We focus on problem solving skills and at the same time we want to enhance the daily lives of as many as we can. We believe that you don’t need to depend on luck (lottery) or the good will of someone(philanthropist) who is trying to fix the problems of the world. Lotta Moo-la has designed a business plan that will in turn affect the lives of many and in many different ways. We take nothing away from the thousands of charities that help around the world, but we want to help the John Doe’s, you, and your neighbor. We the people, in our communities and neighborhoods want to decide for ourselves what we think is beneficial to us, from one to another. In a world where we have forgotten the basics, we move back to where focus starts…… at home. We believe society has deprived our homes of the fundamentals of humanity that have ultimately shaped our world into what it has become today. We want to turn back the clock and welcome you to Lotta Moo-la a place where giving is receiving! We are going to have a lot of fun!!!!