Every week, more than 200,000 people win the Florida Lottery according to the website http://tinyurl.com/c73797. The average jackpot has been around $20,000,000 and the biggest jackpot was over $100,000,000. The Florida Lottery contributes one billion dollars yearly to public education.

Do you know that you can get 64 GUARANTEED tickets MONTHLY in the Florida Lotto, plus earn fantastic 5-level commissions even if you don't win the lottery. It's possible with the Lotto Magic Lottery Pool.

3 months in a row, groups from Lotto Magic have shared in winning lottery tickets
of over $5,000...that's $500 each.

Lotto Magic is a network marketing company or Lottery MLM, so you will have the opportunity to earn a great monthly residual income just by sharing it with others. However there's a lot more to Lotto Magic then just the Lottery network marketing portion. Benefits such as lottery ticket pools to increase the amount of times you win since you share in the winnings of those on your team, plus your own individual Florida lottery numbers as a member on the Lotto Magic team.

Mind you, Lotto Magic is not conducting a lottery, it's not an online lottery site, it's a BENEFITS CLUB...one benefit is that you are guaranteed 64 to 72 tickets monthly in the Florida State Lottery. The other benefits are that you get membership in Working Advantage, which offers you discounts on numerous products and services online and offline. Plus you get UNLIMITED vacation coupons for 3-day/2-night hotel stays in 90 popular resort destinations in North America.

This fantastic Lotto Magic lottery pool benefits club has been in business for 12 years and has worldwide members, and is an Internationally recognized Lottery Club. They have members in all 50 states and many dozens of countries worldwide. There are members from the UK, Canada, West Africa, Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Australia, Philippines, Ireland, Switzerland and many more.

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As a Power Captain in Lotto Magic, you will earn $50 MONTHLY for each Power Captain on your first level, $10 monthly for each Power Player on your first level, and $2 monthly from EVERYONE down to your 5th level... Your monthly income can exponentially multiply every month even if you and your team members only get a few sign-ups per month.

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Alice P. had a recent monthly check for $5,492. She's been with Lotto Magic for less than 2 years and earned $37,700.15 with this in just the past 12 months, a total of $42,679.80 in 20 months! Alice is 67 years old and says she didn't even budge from her chair!

Ralph G. received a recent Lotto Magic monthly check for $2,354.

George S. earned $7,149 in his first 8 months with Lotto Magic, he's in his 80's and also won $500 in the recruiting contest in 2005 for bringing in the most new Lotto Magic members within 3 months!

Richard K. earned $10,995 in his first 10 months, he also won first-place $1,000 in the 2006 Lotto Magic recruiting contest!

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