History of Love Intelligence

Born from our need to be counseled without actually taking on psychotherapy, Florence Escaravage founded Love Intelligence together with renowned specialists.  She created a supportive methodology, specific to the domain of love, which isn’t stuck in understanding “why” our problem exists, but looks to understand “how” to get beyond it.

Training:Her counselors have all obtained the Love Intelligence certification and have pursued excellent education in coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, psychology or couples counseling.

Their professionconsists of every day guiding as many men as women, single or in relationships, by providing the most useful and concrete insights to help them to progress in their love lives.  

The  Love Intelligence®Method, created in 2006

4 years later, Florence wished to make her approach accessible to as many people as possible.  Florence’s objective has always been to pass on the knowledge she has gained during her coaching sessions through simple tools.  In so doing, each person can, from home, find their own keys to succeed in their love life using the auto-coaching method.

This method was created so that everyone can truly turn around their love life by answering 5 essential questions to find love.

This method is registered.

According to a survey conducted in January 2013, 81% of single men and women who followed Florence’s personalized advice started a serious relationship within 3 months.

Obtaining good results is the consequence of two converging elements:

1.    The capacity each of us has to reassess ourselves, (a capacity which most of the people who undertake our method possess, even those who do so out of curiosity).

2.    The investment each person puts into completing the method.

The Love Intelligence®research center

The goalof this center is to allow the coaches access to a large source of information and tools to be at the forefront of their profession each and every day.  We’re conscious of the importance of the seriousness of our approach when faced with the novelty of the profession. We wished to approach love coaching in such a way as to grant a solid professional legitimacy to this occupation.

·         Each month we debate new issues that we encounter.  We also put together twice a year an assessment of the love-related tendencies that we’ve observed.

·         We’ve been recording the different love-profiles.  We decode the behaviors that impede a fulfilling love life.  And above all, we constantly redefine the most basic knowledge to convey to help a person to mature or evolve regarding each love-related issue.

·         We exchange views with people from other fields, while nonetheless always keeping our focus on those in the social sciences, such as psychiatrists, psychotherapists, sociologists, American love coaches…who enrich and legitimize our work.

The committee of experts

For Love Intelligence, it was out of the question to launch a method of personalized support without the approval and aid of reputed professionals.

·         Sylvie Tenenbaum:

The psychotherapist Sylvie Tenenbaum was deeply involved in the finalizing and the implementation of the Love Intelligence®method.  She is the author of a number of works illuminating numerous love-related subjects, including:  The Spirit of Magic, Live Well in Your Relationship (L’esprit de la magie, Bien vivre sa vie de couple), Journal of a Psychotherapist (Journal d’une psychothérapeute),published by Ramsay, andHappiness is Still Far Off (C’est encore loin le bonheur) published by Interéditions.

·         Serge Hefez:
Psychiatrist and couples counselor, head of the family therapy unit in one of the psychiatric services of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris.  His works, The Couple’s Dance (La danse du couple), When Family Gets Tangled Up (Quand la famille s’emmêle) and most recently, In The Heart of Men (Dans le cœur des hommes) have been published by Hachette Littératures.

·         The Matchmaking Institute:
Based in New York, this school is specialized in the science of love and offers recognized certifications in this field.

·         Alice Wilhelm:
Psycho-sociologist, she specializes in personal guidance and development.  Her approach originates in Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology.  She actively participated in the construction of the Love Intelligence method.


·         Sylvie Baer:

Coach and founder of the company Talenthèmes, (ex-Director of Human Resources at Johnson & Johnson Services France), she guided Florence from the start of the project in all coaching-related aspects.