Lucis Wireless Lighting is designed, developed and produced by Innovative Brands b.v, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We started our mission to make wireless lighting better and more intuitive in the end of 2015 with our campaign on Indiegogo. From the first to the second batch we are already into our third with a new product, accessories, and lamps. Lucis is growing its worldwide network of retailers and never stops developing and integrating the best technology and highest standards into its products.

We noticed that high-quality and portable LED lamps either have a very low light output or lack battery time. We are convinced that our smart, innovative and Dutch design will shake up the LED lamp market and set a new standard.

From 2015 we have spent designing Lucis from scratch. We never settled for mediocrity and tweaked the lamp until it met our high standards. Multiple prototypes were produced and tested endlessly. Feedback from experts and friends helped us to make Lucis the best wireless and portable design lamp ever.