In times of business globalization the activities of criminal and terrorist elements have increased alarmingly.

Day-to-day criminality, commercial and serious criminality as well political unrests are much more present than eve before. Especially people in exposed positions, successful companies, enterprises and Governmental authorities are exposed to this threats have a steady growing need of professional private security services. In addition in the past fifteen years, international shipping lines, port facilities and military installations were targeted for possible future attacks against critical infrastructures.

To be able to pursue personal business or activities, an increase in personal security / personal protection, corporate security and the safety of employees has become part of a responsible corporate management.

For more then two decades, the management and the employees of our company strives to protect our clients against such dangers through a wide range of developed and innovative services e.g. executive protection, maritime security, armed transportation escorts wether military or civil and since now for the fields of Cyber Threats and Cyber Security just to mention only a few services we provide. Innovation is about business and creating services how it should be better done and not how it is done before.

Our company is fully funded allowing the necessary capital invested in training, manning, equipping na deploying the best possible security teams anywhere in the world to meet our clients needs. That mind set distinguishes our company management team and employees from its competitors at the commercial security market.

We are able to offer our professional security solutions including armed executive protection, armed maritime security, national and international investigation, armed transport security escorts for military and civil clients, services for the onshore and offshore energy industry and further more as well in regions like Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Middle East, Europe and East Europe in addition to Germany in all major metropolis like Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt/a.M., Munich, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, etc.! In addition up from the 01. of January 2019 we will also operate via our new representative offices in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) plus in the capital city of Lithuania (Vilnius).

We would like to invite you to have a look at the following pages which will inform you briefly about the protective and preventive services offered by our company. The complete service portfolio of our company you will find under "Downloads" where we have arranged our services profile by PDF.Exposé for your kind perusal.

If you are interested in further information or a personal consultation with our specialists, please use our contact data.