The Earth, destroyed by a cluster of meteors that have rained upon it for 200 years, is no longer humanities home. When the meteors came, humanity colonized Mars to ensure its survival and left a small colony on the lunar surface, called Lunara. Lunara and the crew of the starship Protector have been watching over the Earth ever since. Their mission is to protect the Earth from incoming meteors and to mine the element "metalor" for Mars. Metalor was found in the meteor cluster, and nowhere else in the solar system. After years of study, only recently was it discovered that Metalor has mysterious properties that can enhance everything from metal to carbon, and it is fastly becoming the most valuable resource in the solar system, perhaps more than life itself.

Written by Wyatt Davenport, the Lunara Series chronicles the adventures of the crew of the Protector and their mission to fight for freedom on Mars. The first book in the series, Lunara: Seth and Chloe was released in May of 2011; the second book in the series, Lunara: Gwen and Eamonn was release in late October of 2011.