Luna's Lillies, Inc. is an established company and one of the pioneers companies in the aquatic world here in Georgia and we are proud to have served the Atlanta Metropolitan area since 1985.

We are a very reputable company with 26 years of experience in the field, we are totally committed with our customers by delivering the best quality service. We understand how important it is. Once you have joined The Luna's Lillies Family you will have us for a Life Time. We offer Water Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance Services. Our water gardens are ecologically balanced using Customized Biological Filtration Systems, Aquatic plants for algae control, Japanese Trapazoid Snails performing as our underwater sanitation department.  All components work together to form a perfect ecological environment so that your water pond is perfectly balanced giving you crystal clear water year around. We are also an eco friendly company; let's blend in with mother nature.