Lync.NET is a privately owned company based in Salt Lake City that provides Business Process Automation for wealth management and institutional asset management firms. Lync.NET’s flagship product is PackMan™, a software solution that creates comprehensive PDF report packages from disparate applications such as most popular Portfolio Management systems, CRM solutions and MS Office. As a company, Lync.NET works with leading wealth management firms to streamline Advisor procedures in reporting, web delivery, system integration and back office automation.
PackMan is currently in use by more than 160 leading wealth management firms who are managing more than $240 billion in assets for more than 156,000 client accounts.
Additional Lync.NET products include the LyncWeb™ pricing tool, the Electric Eye™ a change tracking application for Advent Axys, and the ISOX™ solution for custodian trade allocation and settlement instruction automation. The WebReps™ system provides the ability to easily and securely provide end user access to financial reports.  SecurePDF  password-protects sensitive information for email transmission.
Lync.NET’s PackMan solutions have their strong foundation in the financial management industry; however the company’s products are applicable to any industry where complex multi-application reporting is required.


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