Woodworking equipment: New & Used Industrial machinery from liquidation, bank repossession, re-built machinery, auctions, newly manufactured, second hand and surplus machines. Categories include, Point to Point, CNC Router, Moulder, Sawmill, Planer Firewood Processor, Saw, Sander, Edgebander, Boring, Door, Jointer, Dust Collector, Dovetail, Finger Jointer, Fork Lift, Glue Spreader, laminating, Lathe, Mortiser, Planer, Press, Panel & Rip Saws, Shaper, Veneer, V-Groover, Woodhog, Grinder and many others . This machinery is used in both the primary and secondary solid wood and panel industries for the manufacture of flooring, residential & commercial cabinetry, millwork, architectural & cabinet door, stair, window, countertop, furniture and other applications.Liquidation, Bank Repossession, Brand New Equipment, Air, Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Boring, Point To Point, 32 Mm, Vertical, Briquette, Pellet, Carving, Clamp, Carriers, Manual, Auto, Case & Feed Through, Frame, Door, Cnc Router, Rebuilds, Countertop, Postformer, Saw, Router Door, Stair, Door Architectural, Door Cabinet, Stair, Window, Dovetail, Louver Groover, Dust, Dust Collector, Down Draft Tables, Edgebander, Contour, Trimmer, T-Mould, Electrical, Finger Jointer, Finishing, Roll Coat/Print, Spray, Automatic Panel, Automatic Moulding, Booths, Air Make-Up Units, Vacuum Coat, Components Ovens, Lab, Stain Wipe, Clean, Buff, Lines Roll, Spray, Cart, Rail, Firewood Process, Fork Lift, Lp Gas, Electric, Diesel, Glue, Dowel Insertion, Spreaders & Cleaners, Grinder, Sharpening, Jointer, Kiln, Laminate, Trimmers & Slitters, Wrap, Roll, Profile Wrap, Shape, Sand, Foil, Complete Lines, Laser , Water Jet And Engraving, Lathe, Material Handling, Auto, Feed, Transfer, Stack, Conveyors, Lifts, Packaging, Mortiser, Moulder, Feed Through, Push Feed, Pallet, Nailing, Planer, Abrasive, Double & 4-Sided, Single & Facing, Press, Hot, Cold, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Feed Through, Multiple, Membrane, Vacuum, Emboss, Pinch Roll, Radio Frequency & Steam, Router - Manual, Sander, 1-Head Wide, Drum, Multiple Head, Planer, Sander, Flex-Strip, Random Orbital, Spindle, Disc, Stroke, Edge, Profile, Moulding, Sawmill, Portable, Stationary, Complete Sawmills, Saw, Bandsaw, Cutoff, Miter, Horizontal, Beam, Optimizing, Defect, Radial Arm, Resaw, Single Head, Multi - Head, Thin, Kerf, Grade, System, Rip, Gang & Slat Bed, Rip, Straight Line, Sliding, Table, Vertical, Panel, Shaper, Automatic, Profile, Single, Double, Tenoner, Trim, Bore, Shape, Insert, Chuck, Veneer, Clippers, Guillotine, Grinders, Splice, Stitch, Joint, V & Panel, Groovers, Woodhog, Grinder,Kaeser, Kentwood, Kerf Saver, Kimwood, Koch, Komatsu, Komatsu, Komo, Kreg, Kufo, Kundig, Kuper, Kval, L & L, Lacey Harmer, Laguna, Lamb, Larick, Lazzari, Leadermac, Lehbrink, Ligmatech, Linares, Lmc, Lmc, Lobo, Logosol, Lull, Mac, Maggi, Magnum, Makor, Mar-Bel, Marcon, Martin, Masterwood, Mattison, Maw/Nottmeyer, Max, Meber, Mereen Johnson, Midwest, Midwest Auto, Mikron, Mini Max, Minnesota, Mitsubishi, Moak, Monco, Morbidelli, Morgan, Motionmaster, Multicam, Multiscore, Murphy Rodgers, Nandina, Nash, Neva, Newman, Newman Whitney, Nielsen, Nissan, Norfield, Northfield, Northstate, Northtech, Northtech, Northwood, Nyle, Oakley, Ogam, Oliver, Omec, Omga, Onsrud, Opti-Sand, Osama, Ott, P M K, Pacline, Paint-O-Matic, Palax, Pallet Chief, Pao Macc, Paoloni, Performax, Pinheiro, Pistorius, Plano, Polymac, Porter, Powermatic, Precision, Precision Sand, Profilematic, Progress, Progressive Systems, Prs, Quick, Quickwood, Quincy, Raimann, Ramco, Rand-Bright, Rayco, Retech, Rfs, Rhodes, Richards-Wilcox, Ritter, Robland, Rockwell, Rodgers, Rosenquist, Ruvo, Ryburn Pickles, Sac Usa, Safety Speed Cut, Salida, Salsco, Salstrom, Samco, Samco, Sandingmaster, Santech, Saratoga / Raymond, Savi, Scheer, Schelling, Schiele, Schmaltz, Schneeberger, Scmi, Seco, Securall, Selco, Shaw Almex, Shelbys, Shoda, Shop Sabre, Sicar, Silver, Sk, Smithway, Somaca, Southworth, Star V, Stefani, Steff, Stenner, Stetson Ross, Striebig, Sullair, Sunhill, Superfici, Superior, Tagliabue, Takekawa, Tannewitz, Taylor, Techno, Terrco, Therm-O-Web, Thermwood, Timber Harvester, Timberking, Timesavers, Torit, Toyota, Tri-State, Tyler, U.S. Concepts, Uhling, Unique Machine, Unitronix, Uv Systems, Inc, Vecoplan, Verboom, Viet, Virutex, Vitap, Voorwood, Waco, Wadkin, Walco, Weaver, Weeke, Weima, Weinig, Wemhomer, West Salem, Whirlwind, Whitney, Wil-Be, William & Hussey, Wood-Mizer, Woodmaster, Woods, Woodstorm Automation, Workrite, Wysong & Miles, Yale, Yamani, Yates American, Zeno