Established in the late 1990s, MAD-Marketing, aka MADSearch, is a dedicated partner to the hospitality community.  Know as an industry innovator, the new online Instant Answer RFP technology of QuickQuote Solutions has transformed the response process for Weddings, Events and Meetings.

Make your website interact with a visitor.  Open your Catering and Sales offices 365-24/7.  Book more business!  

The industry's biggest challenge has always been and still is poor response time. QuickQuote Solutions is the answer. "No more waiting for a call back, a space/date confirmation, an offer." QuickQuote Solutions online portfolio of Instant Answer programs provides the user with immediate date availability and an estimated quote on the cost of their function.  The potential client’s customized proposal is based on the venue's selection of event packages and amenities.

Pre-qualify all your leads, online and off, cut follow-up time by 80% and double your revenue.