The Missouri Association of Manufacturer's mission is to represent the economic, political, educational, and social interests of Missouri manufacturers and their employees, while promoting the betterment of the local economy and the environment, as a unified group, as well as the well being of the manufacturing industry in Missouri.

MAM membership is open to all manufacturers with a facility in and doing business in Missouri.
Dues based on the number of employees
Educational seminars and workshops offered throughout the year
Networking opportunities with industry peers
Member recognition programs
Member-to-Member business encouraged
Exceptional member benefit programs
Company listing on MAM website
One vote per member company

MAM utilizes its strength in numbers to develop strategic partnerships and create exclusive benefit programs. The goal of each program is to offer lower pricing or greater advantages than members would be able to obtain on their own. More information on these unique programs is available on the Member ONESOURCE Benefits page.

Manufacturing Creates Strength
Manufacturing makes America strong by creating wealth through the manufacture of goods and products. MAM strives to instill interest and enthusiasm among elected officials, and the public in general, by advocating policy that promotes regional economic growth and worldwide competitiveness.

MAM understands that the average manufacturer in Missouri has 30 to 40 employees and that there are many companies with fewer than 25 employees. More than 50% of MAM member companies have less than 25 employees. In fact, more than 87% of all Missouri businesses have fewer than 25 employees. MAM also understands that American manufacturers face a huge cost disadvantage when compared with their top nine foreign competitors -- not even considering the difference in cost of wages, but also due to the cost of:
the overburden of government regulations
frivolous lawsuits

MAM serves as the manufacturer's advocate in Missouri and works to educate policymakers at all levels of the importance of not adding to this burden, and in fact, finding avenues to reduce this disparity.

Health Care
MAM addresses the issues of greatest concern to its members, such as health care. When MAM members kept reporting that the rising cost of health care was their number one concern, MAM sought ways to address access to affordable health care and succeeded. The Missouri Association of Manufacturers sought and received a waiver from the Missouri Department of Insurance in 2005 to pilot a healthcare consortium for its members.

The MAM I Health Care Consortium was formed with 32 companies in 2006, with six of those companies being able to provide health coverage for their employees for the first time. In 2010, MAM formed its second Health Care Consortium providing savings of up to 60% on members' healthcare costs.

To meet the regulatory changes surrounding the Affordable Care Act, the Missouri Association of Manufacturers restructured their healthcare consortiums into HEALTHSOURCE, a 501c9 Trust. MAM's HEALTHSOURCE was created to provide sustainable, affordable and inclusive healthcare plans to Missouri manufacturers. HEALTHSOURCE makes healthcare an affordable employee benefit to all manufacturers in Missouri and provides the small and medium manufacturing sector a viable option to large group pricing which would be otherwise unavailable.

MAM is focused on bringing manufacturers together to address common issues and challenges, and to learn from one another. MAM events, conferences, workshops and networking events provide a common ground for developing these beneficial relationships.