Michigan Asset Preservation
Ryan T. Allor - President

Our Approach
In money matters, as in other areas of life, there is a time to every purpose. But those who succeed never lose sight of long range objectives while tending to more expedient matters. That’s why Michigan Asset Preservation zeros in on three key areas in order to chart the perfect financial course – wealth accumulation, wealth protection, and wealth distribution.
Wealth Accumulation is about respecting and having concerns for one’s money-determining the best place to put it, so that it can perform for the future to the greatest possible advantage. At MAP, this begins after a thorough assessment of the client’s present financial situation and future goals. Then, providing concise, understandable explanations of available options, MAP helps determine the most appropriate choices in investment products that can systematically build on present wealth, while helping to maintain a desirable cashflow and maintain personal assets.
Wealth Protection means keeping the maximum possible amount of all wealth that’s been amassed. MAP offers everything clients might need to accomplish this – including strategic alliances with comprehensive tax planners, risk management and retirement solutions – always cut to fit the client’s life, rather than this year’s fashions.
Wealth Distribution is about finding the most prudent estate-planning solutions, so taxes and loss of assets are kept to the lowest possible amount when wealth is passed to heirs. MAP’s specialists have the insight and experience to devise the most desirable and productive response to this most important financial challenge, with innovative approaches that help clients to position assets, and maintain complete control.
With this all inclusive approach to building a successful financial plan comes regular follow-up evaluations and plan updates, to correct for fluctuations in the economic climate, as well as changes in the personal circumstances of the client. A financial plan with Michigan Asset Preservation is always designed with adaptability and ultimate effectiveness in mind.