MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) is one of the Government's Solutions for Business suite of offerings, jointly funded by BIS (The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) and the nine English Regional Development Agencies.

MAS is designed to help you, the manufacturer, streamline your processes, reduce waste, become more energy efficient and generally improve your business. Our experienced and highly skilled practitioners all have 'hands on' experience of both shop floor working and management skills. They will work with you and your workforce to ensure that your business is run in the best way possible. Don't just take our word for it, read some of the case studies you will find on the website; they are about companies like yours who have discovered the benefit of MAS and are written in a language you will understand.

As you will see MAS has been a huge success since its launch in 2002. Working with  thousands of companies it now plays a vital role in helping UK manufacturers to share knowledge, improve productivity and achieve success in an increasing competitive global economy.

It's clear that the structure of UK manufacturing is changing rapidly. In the current economic climate oil prices, raw material costs and interest rates are constantly fluctuating. When they rise the impact can be devastating and when they fall it doesn’t necessarily deliver instant benefits for companies who are committed to contracts negotiated when prices were higher. Generating one sixth of the UK’s overall wealth, two thirds of its exports and 3 million jobs, manufacturing plays an absolutely vital role in the UK economy.  

MAS can and does make a difference in manufacturing, both practically through our network of expert advisors and associates and informatively with updates on grants and funding.

The MAS offer addresses the needs of manufacturers through practical advice and guidance. The service is delivered by experienced specialist manufacturing advisors and draws upon a network of world-class associates. Together they have the skills and knowledge to tackle even the most complex of issues.
Our results speak for themselves

The average improvements in companies following MAS North West intervention is recorded as:

   *        Productivity improvement - 27%
   *        Scrap / defect reduction - 23%
   *        Improved space utilization - 25%
   *        On time delivery improvement - 30%
   *        Increased stock turnover - 40%
   *        Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) - 36%

Gearing up manufacturing for the 21st century

MAS understands that businesses need support to adapt to changes in the current and future markets. As well as an increasing focus on higher levels of technology and innovation, we need to specifically address certain core areas including business improvement, the industry’s image, low skills levels and skills gaps, inward investment, support through public procurement and capital investment. Be it advice, funding, direct support or training, we’re gearing up manufacturing for the 21st century.

Find about our core offerings or contact MAS North West on 0800 093 9077.

he MAS services are open to any small and medium sized companies provided that they are engaged in manufacturing.

The definition we use for manufacturing makes a strong distinction between production (the physical processes of making, bending, etc) and manufacturing (the over-arching process of getting raw materials to goods and their associated services). By taking this approach to defining manufacturing it becomes easier to see that although an organisation may choose to outsource its production activities, it remains at heart a manufacturing company.
Your company can call itself an SME if:

   * it has less than 250 employees
   * it has an annual turnover of no more than 50m Euros or a balance sheet total not exceeding approximately 43m Euros
   * it is independent

Manufacturing Advisory Service North West

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