Learn karate at home with Martial Arts classes taught by World Champion Michael A. Smith.  MAS Virtual Dojo teaches you everything that you need to learn about Martial Arts at home, from basic to advanced karate techniques and from kata to weapons.  Your online karate classes will be led by Sensi Michael A. Smith, former WAKO World Champion and founder/owner of the prestigious Martial Arts Studio in Rockledge, FL.

MAS Karate Dojo’s mission is to advance the martial arts profession by enhancing individual’s quality of life and creating a positive environment that transfers into daily living.  Through a combination of fitness and a healthy lifestyle program our “Learn to Earn” curriculum is specifically designed to develop the mind, spirit and body.  Students develop confidence, self-confidence and self-esteem skills, which provide an alternative to gangs, drugs, alcohol abuse and violence.  

For more information on MAS Virtual Dojo, call 321-652-8513 log on to www.masvirtualdojo.com.