MAT CACHET is the company founded by Preciada Azancot and a select group of partners and collaborators with a view to publicising MAT and generating social awareness – among companies and individuals – so that they can learn about and take advantage of this science in order to radically improve their results and their wellbeing.

The company’s activities cover all the areas required to achieve its objective, from Research for the continuous development of MAT, and its promotion, through to MAT training seminars, for people as well as companies, in addition to Consulting services for companies and institutions. To carry out these activities, it has a network of qualified collaborators in addition to its partners.

MAT proves, after twenty two years of voluntarily silent and solitary demanding verification of more than 120,000 cases, that the human being is not, as affirmed since the time of the ancient Greeks, four-dimensional. No. The human being has, in terms of health, six structures, each one highly specialised in fulfilling one of the six vital and indispensable functions for life. In other words, not as Maslow states – safety, belonging, status, and self-actualisation – but rather as demonstrated by MAT’s Omega Theory: very precisely and in this strict hierarchical order: safety, development, justice, transformation, belonging and plenitude.

MAT proves that the emotions are not uncontrollable and unforeseeable “states of mind”, and instead are the six only intelligent and innate highly specialised energies designed for the correct and efficient functioning of each one of our six structures. And not randomly, but scientifically, objectively.

MAT also proves that we have six senses – sex also being a sense – and not five, which, are highly specialised in summoning each one of the six authentic emotions respectively, which are our natural antennae for capturing the truth of our environment and allowing us to react assertively and with vitality, as the only real basis for growth and evolution.

MAT additionally proves that, unfortunately, for precise reasons of emotional engineering which it discloses and reveals, we are all born with a dominant personality typology – in other words a recurring and very specific dysfunctioning of our emotional engineering – and that this typology positions us, as the jail that it truly is, with our backs to our skill, true talent and most gratifying vocation.

MAT additionally provides an exact science which detects – in record time – each person’s true skill, true talent and true vocation. And it shows that the skill can be easily detected without MAT, but only mobilises 20% of our potential. That the talent, without MAT, is very difficult and awkward to detect, although it mobilises 40% of our potential. And, that the vocation is practically impossible to detect without MAT, although it mobilises 80% of our potential. Because MAT demonstrates that the typological equations of our emotional and sensory engineering obey precise laws, in the authentic order of the human being, discovered by MAT.