About MAVRIC Media
Based in Northern California and founded by digital media veterans, MAVRIC Media is an ASP (application service provider) offering rapidly deployable, cost effective On Demand Rich Media (ODRM) Solutions as a Service (SaaS) to deliver turnkey video-optimized, gallery-on-demand website solutions.  We leverage product development for P2P content distribution, scalable mobile distribution, Internet TV, and e-commerce tools, enabling our clients to monetize their media assets. MAVRIC Media‚Äôs products and services are designed to provide a core set of DAM (digital asset management) and content delivery solutions to a group of customers tightly focused on the bottom line.  By providing these customers with a simple, reliable and easy-to-use feature set at an attractive price point, MAVRIC Media intends to lower the  barriers of adoption to DAM solutions, large file transport and other advanced technologies for a significantly underserved market segment. For more information please visit www.mavricmedia.com