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I work with men to create deep and  meaningful relationships.  Men often experience a desire to make connections with others, but believe that it is hard, not allowed, or even possible.  There are roles and rules that men must live by and any other belief outside of these expectations is wrong.  There is a perception that if you are emotionally invested, you are less of a man; that to be a man you must support your family only with a job; that you are meant to only enjoy sports and drinking with your friends; and that you are meant to be logical and nothing else.  This does not give room to what human beings are.  This belief confines our potential of who we can be, and it limits the dept of the connection and relationships we can create.

Once we allow ourselves to be seen, to be vulnerable, only then can people begin to understand who we are.  This understanding allows a connection to occur, and we begin to experience each other's value and see what is important to one another.  Once we find people who share our same values, then a deep relationship can grow and the feeling of being alone begins to dissipate.  This relationship allows for support from one another without judgments.  When we allow ourselves to share our fears, our uncertainty, and our dreams with one another, we discover that there are others who think, believe, and act the same as we do.  This gives us the strength and confidence to experience life in the way we want it instead of what we have been told to expect.  

There must be an understanding of our truth in order to connect.  We do not want to pretend that something interests us in order to "relate".  If it does not hold true to your values, to what you believe in, then there is no real connection to be made.  When there is no understand of our own values, or interest, or dreams, then there is no starting point in which to connect.  In order to develop an honest relationship, we must first have a relationship with ourselves.  Meaningful relationships are created by identifying what is important in ourselves, having the courage to believe in our truth, and finding those who share those beliefs.  But the only way we will find those people is to allow ourselves to be seen--seen for who we truly are.

My goal is to allow men to break through these lies they tell themselves, discover who they are, show it to the world, and create deep and meaningful relationships.  

I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and the best thing I learned from this program was to listen, process, understand, and create a direction for what comes next.  

I have worked in the mental health field for over five years working with people one-on-one and in groups. Also I have been in theatre for eleven years and improv for eight.  With my improv background I am able to be creative with the  people I work with and utilize the tools in improv that are very closely associated with helpful guidelines for connections and relationships.

My ability to combine my psychological and improv training allow a unique and supportive guidance to help men discover their potential for deep, meaningful relationships.