MB VoiceWorks is a full-service audio production company, specializing voice acting, casting and directing for animation and video games, co-founded by Melanie Ehrlich and Brittany Lauda. In addition to our own expert voiceover services, we maintain a casting database of voice actors of various ages, genders, accents, foreign languages, and character voices.

In addition to voice acting/voiceover services, we also provide VO casting, VO session directing, VO recording/engineering, ADR, audio editing, sound design, mixing/mastering, music composition, recording and production, copywriting and editing, script adaptation and localization, and ISDN capabilities.

We work with animation, video games, commercials (radio, TV, internet, etc.), audiobooks, narration (corporate, medical, technical, documentary, promos), mobile apps, e-learning, telephony (IVR, on-hold messages, voicemail message services) and more.

To learn more about MB VoiceWorks, visit http://www.mbvoiceworks.com.