Monroe County Friends of Animals is taking a leadership position in planning for the eventual construction of a new Monroe County Animal Shelter. The organization has purchased property to house the future facility, and each year budgets for an amount to be allocated to the building fund.

Monroe County Friends of Animals provides tremendous enhancements to the Monroe County animal shelter through the use of its volunteer-staffed programs and initiatives. In addition to hands-on animal care and training at the shelter, MCFA takes educational programs into the schools, provides spay and neuter vouchers to local low-income pet owners (through its partnership with Spay Neuter Assistance for Pets [SNAP]) and promotes public awareness throughout the community. Today, MCFA consists of approximately 175 members, approximately 60 volunteers and a volunteer nine-member Board of Directors. It has no paid staff.

Since it's founding in 2004 Monroe County Friends of Animals has rescued more than 2400 animals. It also has eight ongoing programs that include:
Second Chance Pals- http://secondchancepals.org/
Barn Cats-http://www.monroecountyfriendsofanimals.org/BarnCats.html
Food Pantry-http://www.monroecountyfriendsofanimals.org/foodpantry.html
Microchip Now- http://www.monroecountyfriendsofanimals.org/foodpantry.html
Pets for Patriots-https://petsforpatriots.org/partners/monroe-county-friends-of-animals/
Sponsor A Rescue-http://www.monroecountyfriendsofanimals.org/SponsorARescue.html
Thrift Store-http://www.monroecountyfriendsofanimals.org/thriftstore.html