MCM Acquisitions is a specialist marketing, acquisitions and sales company.

At MCM Acquisitions we like to think of ourselves as the marketing team that really listens. But don’t think that makes us a quiet bunch, we just know when it’s time to let someone else do the talking, from our clients to their customers. Once we’ve taken the time to work out what everyone wants it’s time for us to get loud and busy! Why not? If you had the results that we have, you’d shout about it too!

MCM Acquisitions is client and customer centric, we feel it’s easier to spend the time getting things right with a client before we start a campaign than being reactive and fixing problems. For that reason we make sure that our clients and us are completely happy with how their product is being represented before we go live and come into contact with their customers.

That isn’t to say that we don’t tweak as we go along. Part of the reason that we insist to our clients that we interact with their clients on a face-to-face basis is because we feel that it gives us an opportunity to really listen to what they want. We can report back to our clients on a weekly or even daily basis and make minor adjustments rather than the major overhauls that some of our competitors have to do.

Our team at MCM Acquisitions is full of individuals who are highly skilled in customer acquisitions and service. It simplifies things for our clients because it means they don’t need to have one company to do their marketing and another to do their customer service, we can offer the complete package. Our campaign managers also have specialist knowledge in the particular industry of the campaign so that they know all the secrets of the trade to ensure that clients have real success.

Without a doubt increasing a clients customer base is essential but our eye is always on our clients’ prize. Whatever is most important to them is most important to us. Though we always aim to excel in every area we work from a clients focal point, putting it at the centre of our campaigns and work out from that. Our flexibility is part of what makes us so attractive to our clients. In the same way that our clients want to offer the best possible complete service to their customers we feel the same way about them.