MDT is a world leader in providing the most comprehensive and efficient sourcing solutions for mass hiring.

Established in 1998, MicroDyne Technologies began providing process improvement consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses.  In 2005, MDT released its first specialized service focusing on helping companies with a unique challenge: mass (or bulk) hiring.  Traditional methods were falling far short of our clients' needs while costs continued to increase year-over-year.

There is no benefit to an employer when they find the ideal candidate if they do not have the means to attract and retain the candidate.  MDT will find the talent if the market provides it, allowing employers to devote all of their attention to building an environment that nurtures creativity, growth and profitability.

Not a Traditional Search Firm

Because MDT is not a staffing agency or search firm, we approach sourcing with a far more elevated emphasis on efficiency and ROI, by connecting non-traditional technologies and methodologies from around the world to build the most cutting edge mass hiring resource.  Its success has led us to focus much of our resources on continued enhancement of our mass sourcing product:  HV-Fast.