Miami, FL- January 20, 2016:  North Africa, including the Sahel region claimed 13,237 deaths in 2015 from critical and destabilizing incidents, says MEA Risk LLC. At 5,508, Libya held the highest death toll with 41.6% of the total casualty figure in the region, followed by Egypt at 31% or over 4,100.

Confronted with the rise of terrorism and political decent, the region’s authorities arrested 33,200 people in 2015. Egypt was the most active in arresting militants, political activists and others, accounting for 35% of the region’s total, for at least 11,650 people. With 18% of the region, Algeria was the second most active country arresting insurgents and criminal gangs.

Terrorism and insurgencies have had a devastating impact on the region during the year. Although the terror acts accounted for only 15.9% of all the critical incidents recorded by MEA Risk’s Critical Incidents Tracker, they were responsible for almost one third of all the deaths (31%).  Government authorities were also responsible for a large share of the human losses, accounting for 28.9% of the regional death toll.

Despite their relative low-intensity impact, social and human-related crises, from governments’ reduction of personal freedoms, to the outbreaks of transmittable diseases, illegal migration, infrastructure collapses, natural disasters, etc., claimed 37.3% of all the deaths in the region. Stress on the social, human and labor fronts skyrocketed as a result of governments focusing on enforcement and security and as many countries struggle with subsidy reductions and the launch of new austerity measures.

“While most observers focus on terrorism when analyzing the region’s crises given the media frenzy generated by these events, they tend to underestimate the impact government policies have on the economic, social and human fronts,” says Arezki Daoud, Lead Analyst at MEA Risk LLC.  “Governments in the region are struggling to put together effective economic policies that would help reduce the overall insecurity. However, 2016 is likely to worsen given the unfavorable economic outlook in the North Africa zone, added Mr. Daoud.
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