316 Stainless Steel No Weld Piping systems have been used for over 30 years in the following Industries:
   * Ship Building and Repairs, both Naval and Commercial
   * Food Processing Factories, including small goods, dairies, wineries and abattoirs.
   * Manufacturing Plants
   * Mining Process Plants.
   * Heavy Industrial.
   * Waste Water Treatment.
   * Hospitals and areas where hygiene is a priority
Stainless Steel No Weld Piping systems have been used successfully
in a very broad range of applications, these include:
   * Potable and domestic cold and hot water (max 120°C)
   * Pressurised lines up to 40 bar (580 psi)
   * Machinery fresh water cooling
   * Hot and chilled water for air conditioning plants
   * Sprinkler and Fire systems
   * Condensate Lines
   * Compressed Air Lines and automatisms
   * Vacuum lines
   * Chemical lines
   * Demineralised, Softened, Conditioned and essential waters
   * Waste Water systems
   * Alternative to standard threaded pipe systems.
   * Gases, including propane, butane and natural gas, inert gases such as oxygen, compressed air and instrument air.
   * Fuels & solvents including: diesel, lubricating oils, disinfectants, petroleum-based products, cleaning agents, paint thinners and other aggressive fluids.

COST SAVINGS gained from 316 Stainless Steel No Weld Pipe and Fitting System

   * SPEED OF INSTALLATION. Simply quicker than welding or threading.
   * LOWER LABOUR COSTS. As No Weld Pipe and Fittings do not require welding, people without welding skills can now install Stainless Steel Pipe and Fittings.
   * INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY. No more T.A handing welding rods or Fire Sentry watching. Now everyone can be directly involved in getting meters of Pipe installed.
   * NO HOT WORK PERMIT means less time in doing paper work.
   * NO CONSUMABLES. Welding rods, wire and gas are becoming more expensive.
   * REDUCE DESIGN COSTS. Simple schematic drawings can be used as this Pipe system can be build on location to meet requirements.
   * REDUCE TRANSPORT COSTS. No more double handling. Pipe and Fittings can be shipped directly to site, cut to desired length and built on location. No more constructing pipe spools in workshop and then transporting cumbersome pipe spools to site.

TIME SAVINGS gained from 316 Stainless Steel No Weld Pipe and Fitting System

   * ULTRA FAST TO INSTALL. No Weld Fittings can be attached to a pipe in Approx. 6 to 10 seconds.
   * NO WASTED TIME. No more Hot Work Permit to start work or NTD weld testing to finish the job.
   * REDUCED SET UP. Ventilation is a thing of the past.
   * ZERO RE-WORK. No more failed welds at time pf pressure test.
   * NO TACK AND WELD. As the Fittings can be initially fitted on to the Pipe “loose” (i.e. do not press the fitting) you can ensure that the total pipe system meets your requirements before final pressing of fittings. Prior to pressing, the fitting can simply be twisted to suit an angle or removed.
   * LESS DOWN TIME. Shut down time is expensive. No Weld Pipe and Fittings provide faster repairs and maintenance.
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