When MG Norwich was founded there was a gap in the market for an marketing and sales company with a difference. There were many run-of-the mill companies out there that clients could outsource their marketing requirements to but they were just that, run of the mill.

MG Norwich was created to be different from the rest, right from campaign conception to the time we leave the customer.

Where MG Norwich is unusual compared to our competitors is that we offer our clients a complete package. If our client comes to us with a fantastic campaign idea then great, but if they want advice then we have a team of experienced people who know just what they're doing. Our clients can take a hands-on or hands-off approach we're ready for anything.

The reason we're able to take on new clients all the time is because we're able to show them the great success we've had with our current clients. They sure do like to give out great recommendations for us! We don't kid ourselves, sales is the name and results are the game. Thank heavens ours are so good then!

At MG Norwich when we take on a new client we become their face. Their business becomes our business. And we have experience in a huge variety of industries which makes us even easier to work with. We target wherever our clients need us to go, be it high traffic environments or smaller, more intimate venues or events. At MG Norwich we encourage our clients to go back to basics when they try to increase their customer base, traditional advertising has its advantages but we believe that a personal touch is the most important.

For that reason we spend our time face to face with their customers, finding out what best suits their needs, answering queries and reporting back to our clients so that they can continually improve their product. It's a win-win for us, our client is happy, their customers are happy and we can improve our service day on day because we're fully in touch with what is out there