‘Master of your Destiny’ is a one day event to motivate and influence men of all age ranges, cultural, social and religious backgrounds to enter the workplace with renewed confidence.

Keynote speakers will inspire leadership and drive ambitions while providing the necessary supportive skills to encourage attendees to enter into existing roles or to strive to launch their own businesses. They believe in personal and professional development, understand the power of consistent learning and embrace mindshare.

The conference aims to encourage networking and to connect with other men professionally where fears, hopes and dreams can be expressed.  From hearing other men’s stories who have journeyed along similar pathways to their own, the event will inspire that learning along the way to challenge and evaluate ones self will result in career success.  

Skills training, individual development and panel discussions will enable personal growth through a structured approach by providing attendees with resources to support and empower themselves, encouraging them to achieve their goals, building on their strengths and identifying weaknesses.  By engaging speakers who are leaders in their fields, whom all have a story to tell, the event focuses on sharing business ideas, keys to successful living and strategies to change life day by day.

Tickets to the event start at £40. Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HT
Saturday 21st February 2015 9.30am – 5.30pm. For ticket information and a list of speakers www.eventbrite.co.uk or telephone 07932 014644