What this world needs is a 'New Revolution', not another love song...

So once in a while musicians come together with the guts to play and sing how they truly feel and attempt to make people think about others instead of themselves (for a change).

Honesty, passion and the want to make a better world around them is what drives these three musos headlong into the battleground of what we call 'life'.
Each member of MISTRAM of course have their own inspirations and reasons for playing the way they do. But to hear what and who they are only comes alive through their music. Strong, driving three part harmonies, the velvet tones of Mr Tim Pitchford, the sexy grooves and smooth moves of Bassist and Musical Master Brent Henshaw and the turbulence and intensity of lead guitarist Mars.

They started their journey of real musicianship by planting their feet firmly amongst the charity scene. Firstly by writing and producing the song in 2014 for The National Breast Cancer Foundation "Mothers Sisters Daughters Lovers" (100% of proceeds went towards breast cancer research), then playing at the 2014 Airlie Beach Music Festival (debut festival) raising more funds and awareness for the cause. From there to local Gold Coast charity "Assist A Sista" (local charity based on aiding those affected by Domestic Violence) with their yet to be released single "Butterfly". Again pledging all proceeds of the song's downloads to the foundation. Always with the idea of "helping others" in mind, one other song in their repertoire "Honey Wine" is a salute to those who make the world a better place to live in.

In other words we thank those who actually give a damn!

So Instead of just singing and complaining about the world; MISTRAM have decided to do something about it and help out those in need whilst in the process of getting themselves a name.

If you were to ask any of them the question that every single band gets asked, "What kind of music do you play?" you would get three different interpretations of something they now call "New Rev". It's a little bit of this and a lot of that and something else in between that encompasses blues, roots, grooves and smooth moves and a sensual sound that is 'Super Sexy Satisfaction'.

Nobody wants or really knows how to explain their sound, so they as musicians compare themselves to the kings and queens of yesteryear that dared to break the moulds that bound them in conformity and Pop culture.  So if anything, they dare NOT to remain the same as every body else... Be different... Be MISTRAM!

And so "New Rev" is born...!