MIT provides a suite of software solutions either on-premise or SaaS that assist in the migration of voice users to hosted voice solutions and real-time monitoring of the same.

We are a UK-based development company specialising in data capture and communication software solutions. These solutions equip our customers with the means to manage their voice solutions, data systems and thus perform key user performance analytics.

At MIT, we have created innovative products to meet the performance monitoring and support requirements of the telecommunications sector since 1987. A global leader in the field of PABX asset management and big data capture, MIT continue to bring their pioneering vision to the ongoing development of unique and tailored applications that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. MIT’s core application suite includes UCentric Voice, UCentric People, UCentric Property and UCentric Voice Auditing. In addition, MIT have developed a GDPR tool aimed at assisting SME’s to ensure that they are compliant with the legislation.

This is achieved through a range of complimentary communications products that can serve the needs of organisations ranging from standalone deployments to our largest international customers.