Summary of the invention
Other devices may exist in the art for actual tile cutting but these devices also provide a more complex method for cutting variable angles and involve complex table size components with the concurrent increased expense and increase bulkiness and increased complexity that such matters would provide.  Therefore, it can be appreciated that there exists a need in the art for a waterproof, light weight, durable and inexpensive wet saw accessory composed of a material that will not harm the expensive diamond saw blade and of the dimensions best suited the widest variety of materials to be miter cuts on standard tile saws.  The plastic “miter block with saw blade guide” will aid in the precise safe, cutting of multiple angles on a wide variety of masonry trim and radius cap pieces.The inventions intended usefulness has evolved over years of necessity and research by trial and error while the inventor worked as a mason in the tile arts.

  What is claimed is:

1. The invention is to be made of injection molded plastic.

2. The invention is to be at or near the dimensions of the drawings.

3. The invention is to have a slot or space know as a saw guide as shown in drawing and described in descriptions.

The present invention relates to a platform device that supports masonry trim and cap pieces during cutting in order to obtain multiple defined angles, 45° and 22 1/2 degree angles.  The present invention further encompasses a method and material for manufacture of said device.  The invention, being manufactured by injection-molded plastic, is waterproof and harmless to modern diamond saw blades. The method for using the invention is in combination with a standard table style wet saw, in particular, one using a roller tray with lip or curb or one that guides motor and the blade across a stationary tray with lip or curb.  The size and dimensions of the invention are well worked out for the greatest number of uses in the widest variety of applications in regards to standard tile saws and masonry pieces.  The present invention method incorporates a slot to be used as a saw blade guide.  This further enhances the usefulness in regards accuracy, speed and safety of this device, while working in combination with a wet saw.  One skilled in the art will find this device is capable of quickly and safely supporting masonry pieces for inside and outside 45 and 22 1/2 degree cuts, namely miters. Primarily this device is intended to be used with standard Masonry wet saws.  It is conceivable that this device would be helpful at a multitude of other tasks, where support and miter angles are a part of the work process.  The design of the present invention is such that it has a slot/ saw guide, six solid walls or sides plus one side open to the predominantly hollow interior revealing multiple cavities, separated by multiple walls or ribs thus sturdy and lightweight.  
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