Virtual StrongBox’s system removes the No. 1 barrier to using the cloud, answering the tough security questions typically asked. Our patented technologies and SaaS, secure, private-cloud infrastructure with SSAE16 SOC-compliant, redundant servers, are dedicated to safely storing customer data. Virtual StrongBox’s secure, end-to-end customer engagement platform can be integrated into various workflow processes to provide high-risk Enterprise IT firms the data protection needed to enable the consumerization of IT in the cloud.

Virtual StrongBox is available in either a private-cloud software-as-a-service model, private-label cloud licensing or on premise model for the enterprise. Nearly 300 clients serving 3.5 million consumers and business owners rely on Virtual StrongBox to modernize their technology and reduce workflow costs. Learn more about Virtual StrongBox, Inc. at www.virtualstrongbox.com or (704) 817.4588.