MEMBERS Development Company was born of the same spirit that gave rise to the cooperative financial movement. In 2000, CUNA Mutual Group worked with credit union leaders from the credit union community to form MEMBERS Development Company, LLC, fostering an environment that is member-driven and mutually beneficial.

Today, MDC is owned by 45 leading credit unions and industry partners, whose success comes from pooling talent and resources to create innovative ways to serve members. Half our  credit unions are in the top 100 nationwide; owner credit unions’ combined assets exceed $100 billion. Our 10-member board is comprised of nine officials elected by our owners and one from CMG’s senior executive team.

MDC’s collaborative efforts have resulted in many projects that cut costs for our owners, while helping them attract members. Just as important, our work sometimes identifies initiatives that further evaluation shows don’t warrant pursuing, which also saves credit unions money.

•     Innovation Council – Instead of reacting to current happenings in the financial industry, MDC’s Innovation Council has one clear purpose: Anticipate what’s ahead. Our team meets, envisions new ways of thinking and working, and then makes things happen. Several MDC projects have come from ideas generated in an Innovation Council work session.

•     Predictive Analytics – Increased competition means credit unions have to be smarter about where to focus efforts – and data analysis is a key to making good decisions on growing revenue, cutting costs, deepening relationships and managing risk. MDC worked with credit unions to find an experienced vendor highly specialized in creating predictive analytical models. We also negotiated discounted prices.

•     Member Engagement – Engaged members use more credit union products and services, and are less likely to make a switch. A dynamic project likely to need more attention as consumer behavior evolves, we’ve researched factors driving member engagement and offered strategies to move members from indifference to advocacy.

•     Channel Maturity – Today’s consumers want to do their banking via any channel they choose, so MDC took an in-depth look at owners’ channels (e.g., branch, call center, mobile, online, ATM and social) to assess capabilities and consistency. We studied the attributes of an effective channel, how it can meet or exceed expectations, and ways to engage members using multi-channel strategies. From this, we created a matrix to illustrate our findings and identify areas for improvement.

•     Member Experience – Credit unions need help differentiating their shops in an arena crowded with big banks, big retail, and both big and small fin-tech. MDC has spent several years analyzing trends and successful marketing strategies to arm owners with the education,
practices and tools to deliver consistent, positive member experiences.

•     Personalization – Cookie-cutter messages don’t work with today’s savvy consumers. They want to interact with institutions that know them – and their financial service needs. MDC works with owner credit unions to deliver relevant and engaging messages across all channels and devices, using analytical tools that help identify members’ individual needs and wants.

MDC's life work is to make it easier for owner credit unions to research, develop and implement solutions for serving members that are efficient, beneficial and distinctive.