Sunlite Manufacturing is a division of Sunshine Lighting, a company that started in 1980 as a distributor of light bulbs. In 2001 Sunlite Manufacturing was launched to create quality lamps and lighting fixtures. Today Sunlite markets compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent, incandescent, HID, metal halide, halogen, decorative, miniature, specialty, stage-studio lamps, and LED lamps. The Sunlite line also includes a full line of indoor and outdoor household lighting, commercial fixtures and the MKS Advanced LED line of recessed lighting. Sunshine Lighting is a member of the American Lighting Association. Both Sunshine Lighting and Sunlite Manufacturing are located at 744 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231. For a complete catalog or specifications visit http://www.sunlite.com, contact 800-605-2852 or email info@sunlite.com