I had wanted to get involved in a network Marketing company for some time as I knew the package was available but didn't know where to start.  I was looking on-line and everyone had the next big thing
I had 3 key elements i wanted in a business.
1. Mass new market. I was looking for something with little/no competition.
2. Excellent commission structure. I didn't want to have to build a team of hundreds or thousands to earn the salary I wanted.
3. Who would help me do this quickly?  I wanted to learn of someone who had been there,done it and got the t-shirt (and boat)
So with these 3 points i went hunting around.  I must have spoken to 30 different people from 12-15 different companies.  All said virtually the same - we've got great products with great commissions and you can earn X amount within your first week.  Now i have run my own business for 6 years and worked in sales and marketing for 15 years and know it isn't that easy, so i was sceptical of all of them.  I thought maybe it wasn't the right move for me.  I left it a while and then heard of an very old colleague was involved in a network marketing company.  I made contact with him through Facebook. He didn't pitch me (which was unlike the others) I went through my questions that I had built up.  He didn't go into any sales patter that I was expecting (and knew he had from our previous work together) he just explained it simply and introduced me to some of the other leaders in the company.  His first bit of advice was to listen to them, listen to them again and a 3rd time if needed.  These where the people who had been, there, done that and got the boat.  There was no need to reinvent the wheel. Just copy what they did.  Still he didn't pitch me on locking my spot or join now before it is too late  I watched the company presentation several times. It seemed a better compensation plan that those I had spoke to before and the market was what i wanted.  There was no sales pitches to give, no need to spam my family and friends with stuff. After a few days I decided that the fit was right for me.

30 days in review.
Was it as hard as i expected?  Yes, I was starting my own business from scratch, dealing with a new market and had so much to learn.  I never expected it to be easy.
Is it fun and enjoyable?  Too right. Best work i have ever done.  People close to me have seen the difference in my personality.
Am i earning the money I want too?  Close. I missed my own target by 33% in my first month but still earned $2000.

Next 30 days
The income is recurring so I know I already have a good basic banked and I have learned and improved so much in the last 30 days that I expect to at least double what I earned in the last 30 days.
Does the company still support me? 100% I cannot believe how many people are actually there to support, help and guide me. Even those who are not directly in my up-line

Is it the right move?
For me it was 100% but for anyone thinking of getting into a network marketing company, please do your homework as there is a lot of rubbish out there.  Do what's right for you and find something you will enjoy.

The company I chose was Xplocial.