Offline and online marketing is best. We offer any combination of mix and match, managed and unmanaged for our customers.

A - Email Campaigns – Highly tracked with actionable reports

B - Personalized micro-site for each contact - Highly trackable with actionable alerts and reports.

C - Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing with direct mail, interesting facts:

    1. It takes 6-9 times for a customer to take action from your ad.

    2. A consumer can remember 5-6 brands of a product.

    We suggest "farming" the same list to keep top of mind awareness, as follows:

          A. Send greeting card to introduce yourself.

          B. Follow that up with a postcard every 10 days, if they did not visit their site for 5 mailings.

          C. With these highly targeted and information gathering sites, we can market differently once we know they have looked at their site.

          D. Those people that visit their site from the 1st greeting card mailing, skip the first follow up postcard for them. Update their site and send a postcard in the 2nd group. Every time they visit their site, you can skip the next mailing for them.

          E. Your site will gather email addresses; so then you can replace some (not all) mailings with emails to that group.

          F. After your 5th postcard mailing, regular mailings should be sent every 6-10 weeks.

          G. Additional greeting cards should be sent for birthdays, thank-yous and anniversary of business.

I. - Greeting Card Mailers - Deeply discounted, printed, packaged and mailed to your list. Personalized with personal web address for each contact. Web content can be changed anytime.
II. - Postcard Mailers - Very effective postcard campaigns, addressed and mailed.

D - Highly Targeted list - Send to specific clients

    Example of list: Households in most affluent Downtown Chicago are -   zip codes 60610 and 60611, Graduate Degree Holders who drive Luxury Cars and make over $90K / year

E - C-Vita Scheduling - Allow your clients to chat or schedule with you online.

F - Facebook Contest and other social media engagement

G - Update information on 40 other social sites and across the web, including Linked-In

H - Update/Maintain Website - Create a publish product pages, employee pages, employment pages and other splash pages for your website.