Midland National Life Update is a news compilation website focused on a review of the reputation, violent threats, and criminal behavior of Midland National Life Insurance Company of Sioux Falls, South Dakota towards the family and person of Eric Castaneira.

Mr. Castaneira is a former leading and award winning general agent for Midland National who discovered in 1989 that Midland was allowing agents to misrepresent products and allow agents to submit applications that were fraudulent.  Mr. Castaneira reported his findings and Midland National retaliated in a way that caused Mr. Castaneira to believe Midland was threatening his family.

Mr. Castaneira has endured twenty five years of personal sacrifice that has included imprisonment, hunger strikes, and near financial ruin looking for justice and a public airing of the truth.  That time may have come.

In 2013 a federal judge appointed a former senior federal prosecutor to review the evidence in this matter.  The investigation determined that Midland National had deceived the court in order to suppress public dissent and manipulate the judicial system.  When confronted with this new evidence Midland chose to remain silent – as is their right under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Mr. Castaneira offered Midland the opportunity to explain their actions in federal court or to him, privately, and they have refused.  Because Midland had armed agents outside his home to intimidate him during the court proceedings Mr. Castaneira believes that Midland National is still a threat to his family.  He has improved the security of his family’s South Dakota residence and relocated out of state.

Mr. Castaneira developed the website www.MidlandNationalLifeUpdate.se and its associated Facebook Page, Blogspot, and Google + social media sites as a protective measure against Midland National.  Mr. Castaneira recognizes the burden that Midland has placed upon its employees, agents, and customers by tainting them with this unfavorable publicity; however, Mr. Castaneira has been repeatedly informed Midland National that he would immediately discontinue all of his public efforts if Midland National would face the Court with an explanation of their behavior or address his safety concerns with him, privately.

Mr. Castaneira and his family would ask that you contact Midland National Life management or your Midland agent and ask them to cooperate with the court to finally bring closure for all parties.