MOMI is a new, free social advertising platform application to be in use mainly for smartphones and for PCs as well.
MOMI is based on an end user social involvement and it is beneficial for both advertisers and users.

User’s benefits:

1)  Only real and eligible offers are approved by MOMI’s staff – special offers or coupons.
Every single offer is being checked for its real benefit before being approved to upload into MOMI, allowing the users to get the best offers possible.

2)  Since MOMI is a social application, it gives its users the option of sharing the special offer and getting an additional discount or coupon.

3) MOMI has the unique ability to filter the ads according to the user’s wishes and fields of interest.  

Advertiser’s benefits:

Achieving maximum, targeted, cost effective exposure, directly to the users’ closest media - their smartphones.
There is no need of technical skills, special knowledge, special equipment or special abilities in order to upload an advertisement to MOMI.
Everybody can easily design an ad by using the MOMI’s simple editing engine – by adding text, photo/video and logo.
Changes can be done even during the campaign.
Every end user can easily become an advertiser after a simple registration. Anywhere, anytime – as simple as that!
At the end of each day, advertisers receive a summary of their activities on MOMI.

Advertising channels:

Advertisers have two advertising options:

1)  Pay Per View – used in special offers

2)  Pay Per Activity – used mainly in coupons. This way, each advertiser can choose his favorite option for advertising.
Once an ad is approved, it is exposed to millions of potential clients.


Why should you contribute to MOMI?

Simply because you get the best value for your money in a short period of time.

By contributing to MOMI, in different levels, as you can see on the perks’ list, you will be a part of a big new activity.

Whether you own a small shop or a chain, offer a product or a service, this is the chance to boost your business exposure in a way never seen before.

Join MOMI! Let’s change the world together!