MOMTraders, a new concept is being embraced by women across the U.S.A that are frankly sick and tired of struggling for basic family needs. New clothes, shoes, and toys are no longer considered "needs" They now fall in the "wants" category for families struggling to keep shelter, food and electricity. Now is the time more then ever to be cautious with spending, and that means families are going without.
One local mom reports that she lived in the dead heat of Florida with no A.C for several months, because even something as air conditioning was now consider a want instead of a need. So how is MOMTraders helping these fed up MOMS? MOMTraders is connecting families across the globe, by giving them a sounding board to locate free items they need or want for themselves and their children. MOMS can easily located their own local trader group, and connect with moms in their neighborhood that have unused new or barely new clothing, shoes, toys, accessories that need new homes. Have nothing to barter with? This is Not the case with most of our families that visit MOMTraders says Founder Candace Hagerty. "Most families become overwhelmed with all the extras that take up space in their homes, out grown clothing, out grown toys can overtake garages, sheds and even rooms in the home. With MOMTraders, families can clear out their unused clutter all while helping families in and around their own neighborhood". However, if you are one of those super moms that never allow's clutter or disarray, and you still want to give MOMTraders a try, you can start trading with free MOMBucks. MOMTraders has created it's own monetary system, so you can always barter even if you are not like most moms that quickly become clutter queens.