The Route 66 association of Missouri is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the iconic Route 66 thoroughfare. Established in 1989, the association has been instrumental in restoring historic landmarks and keeping the spirit of Route 66 alive for generations to come.

One of the core missions of the association is to save neon signs that are an integral part of the Route 66 landscape. They have partnered with passionate volunteers and businesses to help restore vintage neon signs and illuminated art along the entire length of the route. These neon sign restorations are an essential part of preserving the vibrant character of Route 66.

In addition, the association offers grants to small businesses and nonprofits that are located along Route 66. These grants help to promote the local economy and preserve the historic charm of the region. Furthermore, the association also provides state-issued black license plates for vehicles that are registered in Missouri and use Route 66 regularly. These distinctive license plates are a testament to the association's commitment to the preservation of the Route 66 heritage.

The Route 66 association of Missouri is proud to have the largest membership of any Route 66 association in the country. The association publishes an award-winning quarterly full-color magazine that features in-depth articles on the landmarks, people, and businesses that make Route 66 so unique. The magazine also highlights upcoming events and festivals that celebrate the history and culture of the legendary highway.

The president of the association, digital creator Roamin Rich, is a passionate advocate for the preservation and promotion of Route 66. Under his leadership, the association has been able to build partnerships and alliances that are crucial to the success of their work.

Overall, the Route 66 association of Missouri is a vital organization that provides crucial support for the local community and helps to boost awareness and tourism for Route 66. Through their efforts, they have been able to keep the spirit of the Mother Road alive and well for present and future generations.