Since 2005, MOS has provided innovative graphic design concepts and marketing strategies to a variety of clients. To learn how MOS Creative can help you reach your maximum business potential, and for information on Wahoo Pro, the low-cost, custom web design solution, visit www.moscreative.com or call them directly at 410-878-7482.

Why MOS Creative?

What's the most important aspect of a creative team besides experience? We've got that of course, but PERSONALITY is where we really shine.

You won't see any stuffy suits here because we know that PERSONALITY goes hand-in-hand with CREATIVITY and confidence. It's not unusual to see a blue mohawk here or there or someone mixing on our office turntables. Our eclectic mix of styles is just a part of the MOS state of mind.

We keep our ideas vibrant and fresh, like our workforce.

We stand out to help you stand out.

Our Beginnings.

MOS Creative was born out of the entrepreneurial minds of two young business owners who recognized a need and saw their opportunity.

After owning and operating five successful businesses together, Max Kryzhanovskiy and Alex Kutsishin relayed their office supplies company into the beginnings of a dynamic creative firm. When client meetings about office supplies ended with discussions on marketing strategy, they knew they were onto something big.

Some say that your profession is in your DNA. Alex has been marketing since he was 17 and owned his first business at 20. His partner, Max, has a degree in Finance from Towson University and together they built their Baltimore night club up to be voted #1 in 2006 at the ripe ages of 23 and 24.

What began with three employees providing services to support local community businesses has grown to include nationally recognized clients. In just two short years we've doubled our profits and increased our staff five-fold to meet the high demand for our work.

Our plan is to continually grow responsibly so that none of our values fall through the cracks in transition.

Our Mission.

Every day we strive to become the most versatile creative firm in the industry. Whether the client is local to the Baltimore/DC Metro area or we meet at a tradeshow in Las Vegas, we provide creative services to fit all of your multi-media needs.

Effective branding means not just providing a beautiful piece, but the best results for our clients.

This means giving a client what they need, not just what they want. Our positive energy and absurd work ethic leaves only one end result; a happy and fully satisfied client that comes back for more.

We're not kidding about the absurdity, we've actually worked through the night to deliver business cards in the early morning hours so that a client could hand them out at a tradeshow later that day. PHEW that was a fun night.

We may be small, but also ridiculously organized and efficient. Only our team of hard-working creatives can put out work like a company with over 30 designers.

Visit us at www.moscreative.com or our low-cost alternative at www.Wahoopro.net for more information on the products and services we can provide you.