The Michigan Production Alliance or MPA is a 501c6 industry trade or business enterprise organization.

Our goal is to encourage a more stable financial environment for Michigan film and video production companies, freelancers and support services

Our mission involves providing professional and educational resources to anyone interested in producing media in the state of Michigan. MPA strives to promote and enhance the community of Michigan media professionals, both union and non-union, by providing resources such as crew and equipment contacts, seminars, workshops and various other industry related support.

Since 2003

Such as:

   Providing an industry-wide voice;
   Disseminating information on the benefits of producing in Michigan
   Analyzing issues of importance to the industry;
   Influencing city, state and federal regulations;
   Strategizing and implementing approaches to effect change;
   Educating and informing others about industry concerns; and,
   Leading calls to action.

The Michigan Production Alliance helps to organize the media community by working with other industry related organizations and elected state representatives to build and maintain the foundations, which will allow production business to increase and our labor pool to grow. Join us.