MP Global Products offers high performing environmentally friendly fiber acoustic underlayments that provide a healthy foundation for floating wood and laminate, glue-down and nail-down engineered wood, and tile floors.  
An eco-aware company focused on kindness to the environment from the very beginning, MP Global strategically engineers sustainable products that provide a host of performance enhancing qualities that meet discerning specifier requirements and the highest building standards.  

MP Global Products fiber underlayments are made from 100% or close to 100% post industrial/pre-consumer fibers and feature a "healthier" composition that minimizes or eliminates the effects of offgassing not only during and soon after installation but also throughout the life of the finished floor.

Each month, MP Global Products rescue approximately 760 tons of recycled fibers that otherwise would likely have gone into landfills. The company's use of recycled packaging materials saves 5,604 trees, 988, 909 KWH of power, 894 cubic yards of landfill, 1,318,545 gallons of water, and over 97 tons of CO2 annually.

MP Global Products fiber underlayments incorporate an earth friendly silicone-based antimicrobial, which operates physically (rather than through chemical bonding), has never been shown to allow or cause microbial adaptation or resistance, and does not leach out into the environment.

MP Global Products eco-sensitive fiber underlayments are independently third-party  certified by Scientific Certification System (SCS) for their high percentage of recycled content and  carry the Indoor Advantage Gold seal, SCS's highest rating for indoor air quality and the most stringent indoor air quality certification in the U.S. Many of the fiber underlayments also conform to the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS).  

When used in a LEED-oriented project, MP Global Products fiber underlayments may help earn credits in the categories of Materials and Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality.

MP Global's most widely known product is QuietWalk®, a premium VOC-free sound-suppressing, insulating underlayment for laminate and floating wood floors. Carefully engineered to be odorless and non-allergenic, it is composed of at least 94% post-industrial/pre-consumer fibers. Adding an R-Value of .50 to the floor system, QuietWalk creates a thermal break to the flooring assembly that helps keep floors warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

As in all MP Global Products fiber underlayments, randomly air-laid filaments create a capillary effect to cushion the floor, dampen ambient sound, and absorb impact sound. QuietWalk exceeds many STC and IIC noise reduction requirements.

The underlayment, which helps laminate floors sound more like real wood, also smoothes out little subfloor imperfections. Plus, it has a unique moisture management system that uses both a vapor barrier film on the top-facing surface and randomly air-laid filaments that wick away and disperse sub-floor and incidental perimeter moisture.  

MP Global Products recently introduced VersaWalk™, a green multi-use sound reduction impact isolation and insulation system designed specifically for nail-down or glue-down wood flooring, luxury vinyl tile, floating engineered wood, and laminate flooring. One SKU for great versatility.

And the company innovations in sustainable products continue. MP Global Products also recently introduced a new sustainable underlayment, UltraLayer® Peel & Stick, a LEED-compliant self-adhesive acoustic and protective membrane for under ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone that is made with the same eco-friendly manufacturing, acoustic and insulating technologies. Odorless and non-allergenic, it suppresses the transfer of lateral subfloor cracks and carries an R-value that helps insulate chilly floors.

Notable landmarks:

2000: Al Collison (company founder and president) is recognized as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the University of Nebraska

2007: the company is named “Associate Member Company of the Year” by the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA)

2011 and 2007:  Jack Boesch is awarded “Associate Member of the Year” by NALFA

2009: Pratt Industries presents the 2009 Environmental Impact Award, recognizing that MP Global Products' use of recycled packaging materials saves 5,604 trees, 988,909 KWH of power, 894 cubic yards of land fill, 1,318,545 gallons of water and 97.24 tons of CO2 annually

2011 Jack Boesch is again awarded "Associate Member of the Year" by the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA)

As of June, 2011, MP Global Products uses approximately 760 tons of fibers each month that otherwise would have gone into landfill and has produced over 1 billion square feet of fiber flooring underlayment, making the world a quieter, more comfortable place to live and the environment the better for it.