EnableMart was founded more than a decade ago as an organization dedicated to harnessing the power of the web as a tool for making Assistive Technology easier to locate and more affordable for need-based individuals nationwide. At the time Assistive Technology was hard to locate, expensive, and not supported with the ease of accessibility of the web.  EnableMart became the catalyst to bring together those who needed the products and solutions with those who developed them.

Today EnableMart is the worldwide leader in Assistive Technology distribution with customers representing all 50 states and over 45 foreign countries. EnableMart is the one stop solution for over 3,000 Assistive Technology devices direct from over 200 manufacturers. EnableMart excels at finding the right Assistive Technology products to meet customers' needs through early assessment and continued product support.

Whether you are a student, parent, counselor, school, non-profit, or government organization, EnableMart is driven to seek out accessible solutions and deliver the best Assistive Technology products at the most affordable costs. We are an advocate for accessibility—committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities, eliminating barriers, and paving the path to independent living.

Daily breakthroughs in the field of new Assistive Technology are pacing with the demand from an ever increasing population of users. Adaptable computer interfaces, ergonomic keyboards, portable devices, voice recognition and artificial speech - all were developed in a collaborative effort by Assistive Technology manufacturers and their customers to make things easier to use. The mainstream applications of Assistive Technology will continue to be a driving force to develop more innovative product—and EnableMart will be there to locate, distribute, and provide support.