Who we are
“Market Research & Polls – EURASIA” (MRP-EURASIA) - Market research and consumer studies services company operates in CEE, FSU, CA regions ( Eastern Europe, Central Asia and former Soviet Union) is research international holding, providing a full spectrum of market research and opinion polls on the vast territory of Eurasian continent. Founded back in 1997, nobody has deeper insight, better knowledge and deeper understanding of consumers in emerging markets of former Soviet Union, Central Asia and Eastern Europe than MRP-EURASIA. The pledge of our reputation is the high professionalism of our employees, the use of modern research methods and advanced technical base. All of these provides for superb conduct of research at the top level for the effective development of our client's business.
What we do
We share the strength of our fieldwork execution with research local representatives who have the same approach towards-quality. We manage inexpensive and strong Face-to-Face data collection in 32 countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and former Soviet Union. We also manage inexpensive and strong CATI data collection in German-, English-, French-, Italian-, Polish-, Bulgarian-, Romanian-, Russian-, Ukrainian-, Belarusian-, Turkish, Hebrew-speaking countries of the world.

We are - an international market research and consumer studies regional provider headquartered in Eastern Europe (Moldova) and local branches in many countries of Central, Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union and Central Asia (in 32 countries of these regions).
We wish to be useful in your studies of public (consumers) attitudes on aforementioned regions .
We have extensive experience of many years cooperation with many international clients, among them, World Justice Project (http://worldjusticeproject.org/rule-of-law-index ) in the study of The Rule of Law Index in 11 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia zou can see the regional providers list in this report on http://worldjusticeproject.org/sites/default/files/files/tables_methodology.pdf on 172 page. You will find our geography on this link http://www.mrp-eurasia.com/our_offices